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Minibus Hire Stockton on Tees

Take one of our minibuses when you are planning a trip with your family or friends and get to enjoy an unparalleled transportation with minibus hire Stockton on Tees. We have different types and sizes of minibus and coach hire so you can rest assured that we have whatever it is that you seek here at Stockton on tees minibus hire.

Here are some of the minibuses that you will find on our fleet:

  • Standard Minibus: This minibus comes in a number of sizes to ensure that it accommodates groups of different sizes. It comes fitted with comfortable seats and comfort features like air conditioning and even an onboard entertainment system.
  • Luxury Minibus: This one is intended for taking executive trips around Stockton on Tees. It also comes in a number of sizes to ensure that you don't end up wasting space. It comes with comfortable reclining seats, a modern entertainment system complete with TV screens and all the safety and comfort features available in the Standard Minibus.
  • Party Minibus: This one is on a league of its own. It is literally a party on wheels. Why wait till you get to the club? In this minibus, the party starts with the journey. It comes equipped with a mini-bar, dancing poles and LED lights to set the mood.

You can pick a Self-drive Minibus or you can procure one of our profoundly gifted drivers to take you around Stockton on Tees.

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